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Get caught up in love with Kitty &  John

For decades, Kitty McNally has secretly loved John, the man lying shot and unconscious in the hospital bed next to her. Then again, maybe not so secretly. Those closest to her, including her soon-to-be ex-husband, have suspected it for years. Their story ended with a gunshot wound the last time, too. Life seems to have taken her full circle, but only the dead know the secrets she still keeps.

Detective John Henshaw fell in love with his “Kat” the moment she became his geometry tutor in high school. When they graduated, he thought their future was sealed. Wrong. Enter life’s nonstop curve balls. The worst two moments of his life were the moments he lost Kat. After thirty-five years and one failed marriage trying to forget her, he can’t escape the fact that he’s never stopped loving her. Maybe it’s just his ego, but he could swear he sees a spark of love in her eyes every time she looks at him. That’s why he stays in the New Jersey town that holds his most painful memories. That’s why he accepted his place years ago as a family friend to the McNally sisters.

As John recovers in Kitty’s care, they slowly rediscover each other. This is Kitty’s last chance to confront her past and rekindle their love—if John forgives her once he learns the truth.


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Meet the Author

I’m a corporate exec by day who takes out her author cape only at night. Makes me feel like a superhero hiding in plain sight. Probably because I’m also a closet fantasy, sci-fi, and superhero junkie thanks to my Dad. Lord of the Rings, Superman, Star Trek, and Star Wars were big in our house. My personal favorite? The 1987 classic, Highlander, with Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery. “There can be only one!” Scots, swords, and kilts, oh, my! Saving humanity or worlds has always resonated with me. Still does. Even if it’s only saving one heart at a time. I’m an avid reader and love books with memorable characters that give me a book hangover. I guess that’s why I gravitate toward writing stories with happy endings. When I’m not living my double life, you can find me in search of the perfect cup of coffee (or glass of wine!), visiting family in Ireland, or on the hunt for fine Italian leather and some sort of decorative item for the house.  Home is where the heart is, and mine’s in New Jersey with my real life hero and writer whippet.