Caught Up in Raine Collection – LG O'Connor

Caught Up in Raine Collection

Caught Up in Raine Collection
Series: Caught Up in Love Series
Genre: Romantic Women's Fiction

The CAUGHT UP IN RAINE COLLECTION is the first set of stories in the CAUGHT UP IN LOVE Trilogy.

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About the Book

CAUGHT UP IN RAINE (Novel) – Book 1
Two Hearts. One soul-shattering decision. Experience Jillian and Raine’s story as it evolves when a 40s romance writer plagued by loss comes to the rescue of a troubled 20s cover model.

REDISCOVERING RAINE (A Caught Up in Raine Novelette) – Book 1.1
Two Hearts. One Magical Night. Pick up where we left off in CAUGHT UP IN RAINE, and experience Jillian and Raine’s magical night after their reunion kiss at the bookstore. Getting back together and putting a ring on Jillian’s finger doesn’t mean that all is easily forgiven…

CAUGHT UP IN RACHEL (A Caught Up In Raine Novelette) – Book 1.2
Two Hearts. One Small Miracle. Be there as Jillian and Raine welcome Rachel into the world. Giving birth at an advanced maternal age isn’t without peril, as Jillian discovers when she develops a condition that threatens mother and child.

The “Caught Up in Love” Trilogy is a series of contemporary women’s romantic fiction novels and novelettes that center around three New Jersey women: romance writer Jillian Grant, her sister Katherine “Kitty” McNally Lynch, and Kitty’s daughter Jenny Lynch.

All part of a family that is plagued by loss, each woman also harbors her own guilty secret. All three women must journey through their personal pain to find redemption and ultimately surrender their hearts for a second chance to get ‘caught up’ in love and live their best lives…

Jillian & Raine’s Story
Caught Up in RAINE (Book #1)
Rediscovering Raine (Book #1.1)
Caught Up in Rachel (Book #1.2)

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