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The Angelorum Chronicles

Twelve Souls. One Mission.
Do they have what it takes to win the final battle between good and evil?

Science and spirit meet in this epic angel – demon fantasy. For 2,000 years, the Angelorum—the next generation of angelic Watchers—has maintained the balance of good and evil between mankind and Lucifer’s Dark Ones. Both sides have played by the rules…until now. Lucifer has a score to settle and a celestial loophole to seize in order to restore his place among the angels. Twelve souls will stretch the limits of Heaven and Earth to stop him…

Book 1: Trinity Stones 
      >>> Alternate YA Adaptation
Book 2: The Wanderer's Children
Book 2.5: Hope's Prelude
Book 3. Book of Four Rings Coming Soon!
Book 4. Coming Soon!

The Caught up in Love Series

 Three Women. One Family. 
Sometimes you have to face ghosts of the past for a second chance at love.

The Award-Winning Caught Up in Love series highlights three New Jersey women from the same family: romance writer Jillian Grant; her sister, Katherine “Kitty” McNally Lynch; and Kitty’s daughter, Jenny Lynch. Each woman harbors her own guilty secret and must journey through her personal pain to find redemption and ultimately surrender her heart for a second chance to get caught up in love.

Jillian & Raine’s Story
Caught Up in RAINE (Book #1)
Rediscovering Raine ( Novelette)
Caught Up in Rachel (Novelette)

 Jenny & Devon’s Story
Shelter My Heart (Book #2)
One Summer Day (Prequel Novelette) 

Kitty & John’s Story
Surrender My Heart (Book #3)

Caught Up in RAINE Collection

Stand-Alones & Novelettes

One Summer Day is the prequel novelette to Shelter My Heart.

One Guy's Guide to Saving the Day with Food. Sexy hero Raine MacDonald shares his recipes Raine-style along with a slice of his life with Jillian.