Guest Post on Kate Tilton's Blog: Deleted Scene from TRINITY STONES - LG O'Connor

Guest Post on Kate Tilton’s Blog: Deleted Scene from TRINITY STONES


I'm so thrilled to share this exclusive deleted scene from TRINITY STONES with you via Kate's Blog! Only my very first beta readers had the opportunity to read the alternate version of TRINITY STONES…

Deleted-Scene-from-Trinity-Stones-by-L.G.-OConnorOriginally, in Trinity Stones, rock star Brett King was part of the last half of the story, creating a bit of a love triangle with Cara and Simon. My editor thought it best to only introduce him in Book 1, and push his story (minus the love triangle) into Book 2 – which I did.

So, this scene gives a view into a storyline that was near and dear to me, but fell into the category of ‘killing my darlings.’

Read it here…and see what almost happened!


Cara was halfway to their wooded property when Chloe stopped abruptly and stared behind them. Her hackles rose along with a vicious bark from the depths of her throat. The hairs up on Cara’s neck stood, tripping her internal alarms. Without thinking, she put out a distress call to her Guardian, Chamuel.

Seconds later, she detected the disembodied demon only yards behind her.

Not again!

She tore off running, dragging Chloe along behind her. The black inky haze bore down on them, filling her skull with a pulsating pain and leaving the taste of tar on her tongue. She knew the drill. Only seconds remained before it took physical form.

Fear shot through her, chilling the blood in her veins as she tried in vain to search for an escape route. Dying was not an option she wanted to consider.

Pumping her legs faster, she and Chloe ran hell-for-leather. Two things happened at once. Her phone rang in her pocket, and a red Mercedes coupe screeched to a halt twenty yards in front of them.

The passenger door flung open, and a familiar face with a baseball cap screamed out. “Get in!”


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